Our Products & Solutions

Battery Swapping


Battery swapping eliminates the high entry cost barrier and range anxiety of EVs for the buyer. More Here at www.qikswap.com

Battery -As-A Service ( BAAS )


Cloud connected smart battery, a network of swapping stations and a mobile app to guide the driver to the nearest swapping station, that also indicates the charge available and enables online payment for battery swapping. A complete suite for a Battery-As-A-Service Operation.

EVaaS  (Ev-As-A-Service)


Reduces operational cost and improves vehicle utilisation for logistics companies providing last mile parcel delivery service.

Remote Battery Management


Enables geographically dispersed deployment of expensive lithium batteries and chargers in a safe and secure manner. Asset owners have visibility to real time battery performance data which gives them complete control over operational and deployment decisions.

Data Analytics


Our cloud uses predictive analytics to optimise performance and pre-empt catastrophic asset failures ensuring business continuity.